18,000′ over Arizona

I’m so privileged to have served alongside some of America’s best. Through almost 10 years of military service, I have been exposed to some of the brightest minds we have to offer. The flip side, I have been exposed to some pretty absurd things as well. I grew up as an Infantry Officer and then made the transitions to the so called “dark-side” as a Special Forces Officers. I have failed countless times, and I’ve also done pretty dang good at some things. These are my stories of successes and failures, so many failures. Through those things I have forged my belief in leadership. That if you focus on discipline, communication, ownership, and accountability, you’ll be pretty damn successful. I can’t say that I’ve nailed all of them at once, but I’ve given her all she has so to speak. This is where I’m honest about what I’ve done, so I can help someone get over a hurdle, or simply become a better person.

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